Hi! We are James & Heidi Drake, parents of 4 amazing little minions, lovers of life, adventure, & challenges, but above all, passionate about making Christ known. We have had the opportunity to serve with Cru both overseas & stateside since 2004 and currently are in South Florida with Cru City.  To find out more about our work visit :: www.CruSouthFlorida.com 


Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.  There are over 26,000 Cru staff serving in 191 countries around the world. For more information about Cru visit :: www.cru.org


James (better known as just “Drake”) has a Bachelors in Business Administration from Samford University & a Masters in Divinity from Beeson Divinity School.  He now prefers to be called “Boss Man Reverend”. Heidi graduated from Samford with a degree in Exercise Science and then from UAB’s Surgical Physician Assistant program.  Her family lovingly calls her a “half doctor”.  At Samford, James lettered in football & track and Heidi in basketball & track. They just might be the fastest couple you’ll meet. :)  James, MC of Samford’s Step Sing, proposed to Heidi in front of 3,000.  He believes the high pressure proposal was the best way to get Heidi to say “yes”!  After graduation, James got his pilot’s license before getting grounded/married.  James and Heidi worked with Cru in New Zealand for 2 years (’04-’05) & had 2 wild pet goats (Billy & Cowboy).  Coming back stateside, Heidi worked as a P.A. in cardiothoracic surgery… she now chases her kids around (her track background is helping).  James is a licensed homebuilder and has built a good bit of their home furniture.  He now understands why Jesus got out of construction.  James has traveled the globe doing mission and relief work, spoken to thousands stateside & internationally about the life, work, and teaching of Jesus Christ, and is an ordained minister. He has also debated before packed college auditoriums however, James prefers to not debate at home. Both James and Heidi are certified fitness instructors.  Heidi is famous for running 5 miles the day before giving birth to Isaiah.  James and Heidi love to compete, never against each other though (marriage before sport), and have won multiple athletic events post college: triathlons, the Warrior Dash, crossfit competitions, ultimate frisbee tournaments, etc.  James recently competed on NetFlix’s Ultimate Beastmaster for Team USA and was the last American standing in the finals. You’ll have to watch to see how he does! At home there are contests among the kids for who can take the quickest shower (27 sec is current record - gross) and Judah gets upset if he doesn’t beat you in going potty the fastest. We’re not sure where this competitive spirit comes from. However, we are hoping these competitions will help prepare their children for a bright future (aka: college scholarship). The kids have been ranked top of their class in the Drake Academy and P.E. is their favorite subject. While the Drake’s have never been asked to sing in public, James has frequent requests for his breakdancing repertoire, in particular “the worm”. This talent seems to have been passed down to the other males in our family. Despite these skills, James & Heidi still received a B- in their social dance class… for some reason, break dancing was not in mix. You can follow our family on social media at :: #thefirebreathingducks